The Great GatsbyJS

Dynamic websites of today are packed full of fancy features designed to help enhance the user’s experience and make things interesting for website developers. However, many companies have found themselves going back to the days of static websites to help improve overall site performance while complementing headless customer management systems. GatsbyJS has become one of the frontrunners in this “back to basics” trend in web development.

Based on React, the GatsbyJS open-source framework is a static site generator that allows companies to build simple, yet lightning fast websites, microsites, and applications. In addition to providing boilerplate applications, this framework generates super accessible and SEO-friendly websites as well as Single Page Applications. It also supports both responsive and  progressive image loading. 

The popularity of GatsbyJS can be majorly credited to being based on React, which is a favorite of developers right now. There are a huge amount of resources available as this framework is a free and open-source tool with a strong online community. This allows for developers to get started and working on a project without struggling with a major learning curve if they are familiar with React (thus saving time and money). The framework also allows for data management freedom as the architecture choice is up to the dev so that they are not tied to a tech they may or may not want to be using. Plugins are also a priority for GatsbyJs not only to make data integration easier from sources such as MongoDB, WordPress, Contentful and many others while also simplifying the implementation of Google Analytics, Maps, and Sass among other tools. 

Our Thoughts on GatsbyJS

At Inudev, we are fans of the “Great” GatsbyJs - when applied to the right use cases, Old Sport. (We couldn’t get through this without at least one Fitzgerald reference.) For those looking for a solution for smaller websites, such as portfolios, personal blogs, or other information-based sites, it is a good choice. While it includes all of the benefits of a static site (i.e. speed, security, and SEO simplicity), it is a step above simply plugging in information to WordPress or SquareSpace generators for those who don’t mind putting in the elbow grease to do a bit of light coding. We would recommend using this framework for a blazing fast site aimed at pulling traffic, but we would forward said traffic to a more complex website should the need for complex integrations or ecommerce functionality arise. 

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