The Ultimate Guide for Choosing your Web Development Outsourcing Team

Over the last several years, more and more companies have finally opened their eyes to see just how efficient and beneficial working with web development outsourcing companies. As we’ve previously explored in our last post why you should outsource web development, not only does working with such a provider minimize financial and production costs, it also gives companies access to expert web devs they may not have had access to otherwise while improving time-to-market.

After all, most companies simply can’t afford to hire an expert in every language or technology unless they’re investing in making a developer version of The Avengers. Typically outsourcing service providers offer a wide range of capabilities, which means that your vision will only prosper with these advantages as long as you are able to filter your search to choose a suitable, competent partner.

To help you make the right decision when it comes to picking the best outsourcing partner, we’ve compiled a helpful guide and tips that will not only make the selection process more enjoyable but will also help you avoid financial, operational, and strategic risks at each stage of the working relationship and future projects.

You can have your own team of development superheroes but for a fraction of the cost of making your office their direct headquarters.


Before you start looking for your future web development outsourcing team, the first step should be to pin down your business goals and requirements. You should define what you are looking for with this project or generally, which users it is aimed at and, if possible, define their requirements for the website or app you want to create. This way you will have a clearer vision of the project and it will be much easier to explain it in as much detail as possible to the outsourced team.


Every software product, website, or app is the result of a complex process that encompasses many tasks. If you want your future team to help you succeed throughout the entire process, they must not only excel in actual code development as professional code writing is just the tip of the iceberg. Your remote team must guarantee you quality work and responsibility to fulfill every stage of the software creation process and its subsequent support needs .


Not sharing the same language with your remote IT team can lead to major misunderstandings of project requirements and delivery expectations. It weakens the partnership as both parties are frustrated by the inability to understand each other properly.

On the other hand, most outsourcing companies are located abroad, where there can be up to 12 hours of difference between the client and the developers. This quickly becomes a difficult obstacle to overcome because it causes many delays in communication, in solving problems that arise on a daily basis, and in project updates.

Communication is capable of making a project move forward or stop in its tracks. Hiring companies need to make sure to make communication the top priority when working with any kind of third-party resource as a full understanding during all stages of dev is key to a successful project.



What you see online isn’t always what you get, which means it’s always important for companies to do their due diligence in researching a potential partner before hiring them. You should invest the time in checking out not only the company’s previous projects, but talk to their other clients (if possible), find out the techs they typically work in, and try to get a feel for the overall working environment. This is the best way to find out if a web development company is compatible with your project.

On the other hand, you can also ask an expert for a deep analysis of the services offered by a potential partner. This way, you can appreciate the work they have done from a much more advanced perspective.


With technological advancements evolving at the speed of light, web development companies need to constantly update themselves. Otherwise, they risk losing their market advantage and eventually lose competitiveness. To avoid this, look to your future partner for innovative and modern technologies and software development techniques in addition to a desire for constant betterment of their service offerings.


A reliable company contract will legally cover the terms of development, the preliminary budget, rights and responsibilities of both parties, their work guarantees, and, of course, general descriptions of the software to be implemented. In regards to security measures, they should agree to sign a confidentiality agreement - also known as NDA - for either your party or a mutual agreement.



Choosing the right outsourcing partner isn’t a small decision, especially when it comes to the financial aspect of the contract. Many are quick to push for a fixed rate contract because they feel it gives them a fixed cost for the project. However, the fixed rate model does not address the issues that arise when project requirements change, which is a frequent occurrence.

Modern IT outsourcing companies are flexible on software delivery and pricing. They usually offer fixed prices and deliverables for projects with a well-defined scope. When it comes to open scope jobs, flexible pricing is generally offered based on hours. Generally, you can even get a discount if you buy a pack of hours.

Web development outsourcing is not usually cheap, but rather affordable and profitable. If you want to have a successful experience, be sure to avoid fake and "cheap" solutions so you don't end up getting scammed or poor quality results.


Scalability is frequently overlooked as a requirement for outsourcing teams. You should be sure to ask all potential outsourcing providers if scaling the number of team members up or down throughout the course of the contract will be possible to ensure that all of your needs are taken care of.


Even if you find a dream partner for the development of a specific project, or for the long-term, it’s important to ensure that they offer support for the products that they help you create.

The above tips will help you achieve your business goals in the most streamlined and effective way for a successful outsourcing relationship.

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