Social Media Marketing

Today’s consumers are not the same as they were 15 years ago. They want to be able to go online and find out all there is to know about your business before they ever even get in contact with you – and social media is how they are going to do it.

With 77% of the United States population on social media, it goes without question that your company must have a presence online if you want to achieve success. Social media may be a place for the dankest of dog memes, selfies, and the Kardashians, but it is also the place to directly connect with your customers.

Social Media Strategy

What once was a marketing tactic for the most forward-thinking brands, social media is now an absolutely essential piece of an overall marketing strategy. However, recent studies how shown that the average customer is exposed to thousands of brand messages a day. How can your company stand out from the crowd? With a well-planned social media strategy, your company will be able to navigate a map to success backed by research.

Content Creation

Why is content so important? It is one of the most effective tools out there for marketing practices and gives companies the chance to engage with customers on a one-on-one level by fostering conversation. “Content” includes everything from blogs to graphics, video content, and written text posts – and Inudev can help you do it all.

Social Media Management

Building a social media following takes time and strategy. You must be constantly engaging, following, and interacting with consumers from around the socialsphere in order to cultivate a community. The idea behind building said community is to create real, meaningful value for anyone who interacts with your company to drive purchases while also improving customer retention and loyalty.

Inudev Social Media Marketing Services

Whether you are looking to launch the presence of a new brand online, searching for a way to improve your current efforts, or would simply like to better connect with your customers, Inudev can help. By analyzing your target audience, assessing the competition, and defining the needs and wants of your customers, we are able to help your company create an insightful and engaging social media presence.

From daily account management and monitoring to paid advertisement campaigns, the Inudev team is able to handle all aspects of your social media marketing efforts to drive business growth.

Management Community Management
Strategy and Content Calendars Social Listening
Content Creation Paid Ad Creation and Management
Graphics Creation Customer Service

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